Sunday, February 28, 2021
Happening Now

McMinnville Aldermen Decide To Conduct Business In-Person

The McMinnville Board of Alderman will continue city meetings in-person with a virtual option.

Mayor Ryle Chastain said with increasing COVID numbers, he offered the board an all virtual option. Chastain said the majority of feedback was against meeting via ZOOM.

“The city administrator and myself opted just to have our last meeting via ZOOM until we got those opinions from the board,” Chastain said. “It was more or less unanimous that everybody wanted to meet in person.”

Chastain said the board has gone virtual once before, but miscommunications and technical difficulties inhabited business.

”The zoom meetings are just very difficult,” Chastain said. “When you have the number of people on that ZOOM meetings that we did. It is all of the board members, the city recorder, city attorney, city administrator, all the department heads.”

Chastain said the public can still attend but must complete a COVID screening before entering city hall. Chastain said meetings are also streamed online.

Mcminnville Board of Alderman will meet again January 26th.