Sunday, September 27, 2020
Happening Now

Mayor Porter Names Budget Committee Members

The Putnam County Commission has ratified the 2019-2020 Budget Committee.

Mayor Randy Porter said commissioners that requested to serve would make great members, but he can only select nine people.

“There’s always more people who want to be on the budget committee than we have slots,” Porter said. “I just ask that none of you take it personally because it’s not meant to be that way.”

2019-2020 Budget Committee members include Jonathan Williams, Jim Martin, Jordan Iwanyszyn, Chris Cassetty, Grover Bennett Jr., Ben Rodgers, Dale Moss, Kathy Dunn, and Mike Atwood. Iwanyszyn, Moss, and Dunn did not serve on the committee last year.

Porter suggested that commissioners have a better chance of serving on the committee if they attend scheduled meetings throughout the year.

“My suggestion to you if that if you ask and want to be on the budget committee, come to the committee meetings. You don’t have to be a member to come to the meetings,” Porter said. “It’s the most important thing that this commission does each year. I would sure hope that everybody would try to make as many of them as they can.”

The Putnam County Commission ratified Porter’s list of committee members during Tuesday’s meeting. He will present a draft calendar for the budget committee during next month’s meeting.