Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Happening Now

Mayor Considering Vaccine Bonuses, Weekly Testing For Livingston Employees

Bonuses for being vaccinated and weekly testing for the unvaccinated are on the table for Livingston city employees.

Mayor Curtis Hayes said with roughly 43 percent of his employees vaccinated, it is straining the police department, airport and public works. Hayes said he checked with his department heads about the effectiveness of this potential order.

“It was my idea and I certainly didn’t get any negative feedback or push from any of the employees,” Hayes said. “But again, this is something that is going to be monitored. It is not in effect right now, neither one of them are.”

Hayes said the bonus would be $100 per vaccine, up to $300 if employees get booster shots in the future. He said this would be retroactive and apply to already vaccinated employees.

“I think we have to show support that our employees need to be vaccinated,” Hayes said. “Simply because we’re out in the general public, we are most of the time on the scenes before anyone. We have folks coming into our offices and our municipal buildings. I just think it’s a great incentive to help further along our employees getting their vaccination.”

Hayes said this would not require board approval to enact, citing he had the authority to implement if needed. Hayes said he has measuring tools decided for whether to put the plan in place.

“As far as a threshold you just have to look,” Hayes said. “If you have departments that are having to shut down, I think that would warrant it. If you can’t answer calls at the police department or any of the public safety, I think that would warrant it. So just things of that nature and employees getting sick.”

Hayes said that a majority of the employees out sick or out under COVID protocols were unvaccinated. He said if weekly testing went into place, it would be done on Monday morning before they started their shift.