Saturday, August 17, 2019
Happening Now

Major Mike’s Clinic Receives $36,000 Grant From PetSmart

Major Mike’s Clinic has received a $36,000 grant for spay and neuter services.

Clinic Executive Director Linda Clemons said the funding will support 600 subsidized procedures in Overton, White, and Jackson Counties.

“All three of these counties have very active spay and neuter assistance programs, but they don’t have shelters that take in cats,” Clemons said. “We wanted to address the problem of people in those three counties that were feeding community cats.”

Households with multiple cats living outdoors will be eligible for funding assistance.

“There’s a limit to what any good-natured person can take care of. If you take in a female cat and don’t get her spayed right away, next year you are going to have 30 cats,” Clemons said. “No one person can actually take care of that many individual cats.”

The grant funding came from the PetSmart Charities.