Friday, June 22, 2018
Happening Now

Local Road Crews Ready For Potential Winter Blast

A round of winter weather is expected to affect the Upper Cumberland Friday and Saturday.

Cumberland County Road Supervisor Scott Blaylock said his crews are ready for any event that might occur.

“We are monitoring the radar and getting our trucks set up with our plows and spreaders,” Blaylock said. “We’ve got several hundred tons of mix ready and six salt trucks set up and prepared. We’ll handle it when it gets here.”

Blaylock said if the roads begin to get bad his crews will begin salting those most dangerous areas first.

“We wait on it to get here and then we go out and hit the curves, hills, and intersections,” Blaylock said. “We always hit the most dangerous spots first.”

“We use a salt-sand and half inch chip mixture for traction,” he said.

The Cookeville Public Work’s salt bin has 1,000 tons of salt stored and three salt trucks ready to go. Putnam County is armed with five salt trucks that will work to salt the 714 miles of county roadway if the snow and ice event occurs.