Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Happening Now

Livingston Water Flow Project Making Progress

The City of Livingston has begun a project to increase water flow to residents in the Hilham area.

Consulting engineer Greg Davenport said contractors have already installed five creek crossings and 1,000 feet of pipe.

“That project will continue for the next several months. I don’t anticipate it’ll be finished for probably at least six months with testing,” Davenport said. “The line ends at Hilham Highway. It will increase your water delivery to Hilham from about 220-gallons a minute to well over 450-gallons a minute.”

Davenport said the $3.5 million project also involves the rehabilitation of five sewage pumping stations throughout town. Renovations will take place at the Hillcrest, Buena Vista, high school, Hidden valley, and industrial park stations.

“W&O Construction has the pumps ordered,” Davenport said. “Some of them have been delivered and they’ll start attacking these one at a time moving forward. The sewer project and water project with W&O will go on for several months, but all indications are that everything is in good shape right now. ”

Livingston City Council voted to execute a $1.7 million loan for the project during Monday night’s meeting. Council voted earlier this year to increase water rates 10-percent to help pay for the projects.