Monday, May 27, 2019
Happening Now

Livingston Board Approves Central Park Agenda Items

Livingston’s Central Park can now be rented out for an entire day after the board of mayor and aldermen approved a new rental application for the park last week.

Ray Evans is the spokesperson for the Downtown Revitalization Committee.

“We’ve had numerous request, particularly for corporate outings, that the entire park be rented for a day or in some cases more than a day,” Evans said. “We’ve never had an application for that request.”

The entire park can now be rented out for $300 dollars a day for no more than two consecutive days.

The board also approved a ban on vaping after receiving several complaints about E-cigarettes at the park.

The board also approved an amendment to the park’s usage and reservation policy that opens the door for potential alcohol consumption on the park grounds.

The policy would allow alcohol consumption during special events approved by the city under its municipal code. Livingston has not yet approved any changes to its municipal code that would allow consumption of alcohol on park grounds.

“By taking action on this tonight you’re not allowing liquor to be consumed in the park, but you are setting up a process to allow that to happen,” Evans said.