Thursday, February 27, 2020
Happening Now

Livingston Approves Paving Bid For Carr Subdivision

Crews will begin paving Livingston’s Carr Avenue Subdivision later this month.

City Council approved a low bid for the project during Monday night’s meeting.

Mayor Curtis Hayes said the work should be completed by Thanksgiving.

“According to Rogers Group, which is the lowest bid, the earliest they can start paving is September 16,” Hayes said. “It was a 60 day contract that we released, so all paving should be complete by November 9th.”

Livingston took out a $500,000 loan to help pay for the project earlier this year. The $425,223 bid provides paving to 14 streets within the subdivision.

The bid originally came in over budget at $689,000. Hayes said the board postponed paving for Oak Terrace Avenue and chose binder pavement to get the bid total lowered to the approved price.

“There’s not going to be a finished coat, but the binder is certainly 100-percent better than what’s down there now,” Hayes said. “You can’t hardly tell a difference between the Class A mix and the binder that’s going to be put down. The binder will last at least 10-years.”

Hayes said the city will try to locate funding for putting a finished coat down on the roadways.