Friday, August 12, 2022
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Livingston Approves Liquor Store Ordinance On First Reading

Livingston officials have adopted an ordinance for retail package stores.

The ordinance, which was approved on first reading Tuesday night, places no limit on how many stores can open up or how closely they can operate in proximity to a school or church.

Kelly Coleman said it would be contradictory to set any boundary limits for retail package stores.

“If we give someone a beer or liquor by the drink permit and they happen to be across the street from a church, then wouldn’t we be inconsistent to say someone can’t open a package liquor store in or near where a permit has already been issued for liquor by the drink?”

Currently Livingston has no boundary limits in place for liquor by the drink establishments or places that sell beer. There are no state requirements as to how close liquor stores can be located to a church or school. That decision is up to the city of Livingston to decide.

The ordinance also allows retail package stores to locate in all commercial districts within the city limits of Livingston.

The ordinance must be approved on second reading and a public hearing will also be held during the October 1st meeting.