Thursday, September 24, 2020
Happening Now

Livingston Applying For THDA Home Grant

The City of Livingston has applied for non-matching grant funding to rehabilitate homes for elderly and disabled residents.

Amanda Mainord is a representative for Grassroots Planning and Consulting. She said the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) Grant would provide the city with up to $500,000.

“They like to say that it brings the home up to code,” Mainord said. “But it’s actually for health and safety issues because a lot of the homes in the area are beyond making actual codes enforcement.”

The funding would allow certain homes to receive new roofs, HVAC units, or electric and plumbing repairs. If awarded, Mainord said an application process would determine which homes receive the repairs.

“It’s several different pieces of criteria that goes into the application process. The number of people in the household, the income that they make, and the number of elderly and disabled living in the household,” Mainord said. “All of those numbers are compiled together, as well as a score of the actual condition of the house.”

Mainord said the city received a similar grant about 10-years ago. Livingston City Council voted to apply for the grant during last week’s meeting.