Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Happening Now

Live Christmas Trees In Short Supply After Shorter Season

If you’re looking to purchase a live Christmas tree at the last minute, you may be too late.

At least two local Christmas tree farms have run out of season ready trees, according to their websites.

Jamestown’s Sycamore Springs Christmas Tree farmer Lyna Pennycuff says they sold out after opening their doors the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

“There’s been a shorter season in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, six days shorter this year, and so everybody seems to want to get in the season and get their tree up a lot earlier than usual. Since that’s happened twice in the last two years it may be a trend that is becoming a reality.”

In addition, Pennycuff said her inventory has taken a hit due to weather conditions over the years.

“For the past several years, we have had long, hot, dry summers. We usually plant anywhere from several hundred up to a thousand trees, and the past few years we’ve had such a drought here on the plateau. And so when we plant those tender young seedlings, we’ve lost several hundred of those.”

Bitter cold winters have also affected the growth of certain trees, including the leyland cypress. Pennycuff adds a nationwide Christmas tree shortage has led consumers to purchase them earlier than usual.

“About 8 to 10 years ago we had a recession, so people bought fewer live trees. As a result, tree farmers planted less trees,” Pennycuff said. “Since it takes so many years of planning ahead for the Christmas tree farmers, there is a nationwide shortage of live trees.”

At least two other local farms still have inventory, including Thousand Pines and Hardluck Tree Farm.