Monday, April 6, 2020
Happening Now

Jury Convicts Billings For Attempting To Kill Wife

A man will serve at least 15-years behind bars for attempting to kill his wife more than two years ago.

A DeKalb County jury found Andrew Lafate Billings guilty of attempted first-degree murder Wednesday.

The trial revealed that Billings slit his wife’s throat after driving her to a remote location in April, 2017. The victim survived the attack and testified against the defendant this week.

District Attorney Bryant Dunaway released a statement that said Billings became motivated by the belief that his wife had snitched on him related to pending drug charges. Two days prior to the attack, Billings told his mother that he was going to kill the victim.

A sentencing hearing will take place September 20. Billings faces between 15 and 25-years behind bars.