Friday, June 22, 2018
Happening Now

Judge Rules In Favor Of Algood Council Members

A Chancery Court judge has given Algood’s two remaining council members authority to conduct city business.

Chancellor Ron Thurman ruled Monday morning that Vice Mayor Kirk Dyer and Councilwoman Carolyn Norris can be considered a temporary quorum.

“I’m relieved on behalf of the citizens that we will be able to conduct city business,” Vice Mayor Kirk Dyer said. “They deserve good government and that’s exactly what they will receive from this point forward.”

The ruling allows Tuesday night’s city council meeting to take place and gives Dyer and Norris the ability to fill at least one of three vacant seats.

“That is our full intention and our paper work for tomorrow night’s meeting does reflect that we will name at least one of those seats tomorrow night,” Dyer said.

The city was left with only two council members after Mayor Scott Bilbrey resigned on November 3rd. Bilbrey said he resigned after Norris and Dyer petitioned him to chancery court in an effort to get him to attend city council meetings. Bilbrey had missed the September and October meeting, which left the council without a quorum and unable to conduct meetings.

Councilwoman Jennifer Green resigned in February and Councilman Richard Heard resigned in September because he moved out of city limits.