Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Happening Now

Jamestown Not Selling Water Plant

The City of Jamestown will not be selling its water plant.

Chattanooga-based Tennessee American Water proposed an offer to purchase the plant earlier this year. Jamestown Mayor Lyndon Baines said those conversations have officially ended.

“They just didn’t really impress me too much, and a lot of people were against it,” Baines said. “Over in Scott County, they were thinking about doing the same thing. Of course, they didn’t do it either but there was some media outlets over there that said we were still negotiating with them. That started it all up against here. They did offer us some money, but it just didn’t work out.”

Baines attempted to squash rumors about the sale during Monday’s board of mayor and aldermen meeting. He said selling the water plant would not be in the best interest of Jamestown.

“We supply all the water here in Fentress County to the Fentress Utility District and to the City of Allardt,” Baines said. “I feel like it’s something we should hang on to. They (Tennessee American Water) came here and made their speech, but like I said, I wasn’t really impressed and a lot of the aldermen weren’t impressed.”

Baines said he doesn’t believe and future conversations will take place with the company.