Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Jamestown Municipal Airport Capping Off $6.7 Million Of Improvements

The Jamestown Municipal Airport will have a final walk through Thursday for $6.7 million worth of grant funded improvements.

According to Manager Ronnie Seagraves, the runway was resurfaced to repair large cracks, and the north and south taxiways also required work. Seagraves said both were relocated with the old distance from the runway no longer meeting standards.

“You get inspected every year, and the runway was still passing inspections,” Seagraves said. “We were doing maintenance on the condition of the pavement and cracks. You put oil based sealer in the crack, and it was getting in poor condition. The taxi ways were in finer condition, but they did not meet the new standards for distance from runway to taxi way. They had the wrong angles.”

The airport also received a new drainage system around the airstrip with new lighting. Seagraves said all work was completed by using concrete, which makes Jamestown one of the few airports in Tennessee not using asphalt.

“That is a big deal. They say pavement last 20 years and expect the concrete to last 30. It is kind of a new deal they are trying out,” Seagraves said. “Not much concrete is in Tennessee, they say. So, we are excited about that.”

Seagraves said a combination of airport engineers, the contractor, T-DOT and himself will be a part of the final check list. Seagraves said the only work that remains is some repainting.