Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Happening Now

Jamestown Approves Bids For Final Home Repair Projects

Jamestown City Council has awarded home repair bids for three additional families.

Mayor Lyndon Baines said the city used leftover funding from a Tennessee Housing Development Agency Grant.

“We’ve already done 10 homes. This will be the last three that we do because we’re running out of money now,” Baines said. “Each house is getting up to $40,000 in renovations. That’s bringing it up to code, and also fixing the bathrooms and putting heat and air units in.”

Crews began making repairs to the three additional homes this week. Baines said he hopes to see those projects completed by the first of the year.

“The guys that put in the bids have done some of our houses before,” Baines said. “There real good about getting them done pretty quickly. I look for these addiitonal houses to be done pretty soon.”

The Jamestown City Council awarded the bids during last week’s City Council meeting.