Saturday, March 6, 2021
Happening Now

Jackson Street Convenience Center Expected To Open Summer 2021

The Jackson Street Convenience Center project is 20 to 25 percent complete.

That’s according to Putnam Solid Waste Director Doug Ashburn who said the next step in the project is ordering equipment and starting the dirt work. Ashburn said the goal is to have the convenience center open in late-Summer.

“This site here, it will be for municipal solid waste and recyclables,” Ashburn said. “We will not have roll-off cans there, so it won’t be a full-service site.”

Ashburn said without roll-off cans, residents will not be able to bring mattresses, tables, chairs or other furniture. However, he said the site will take large metal appliances and other recyclables.

“Regular trash, household waste, and we’re gonna have oil and anti-freeze recycling and newspaper,” Ashburn said. “Water heaters, wood stoves, aluminum cans, copper, brass.”

Ashburn said if residents need to use a roll-off can, they can check online for which convenience center is closest to them. He said nearing completion is a long time coming after having the project in the works for about two years.