Friday, January 21, 2022
Happening Now

Jackson Schools Seeking Public Participation At BEP Town Hall

Jackson County Schools Director Kristy Brown wants you to be part of Tuesday’s BEP Town Hall at  Jackson County Middle School at 5:30 p.m.

Brown said that the event is one of eight town halls put on by the state Department of Education to get feedback for new public school funding strategies. She said it’s an opportunity for the public to have a voice in how to best fund the state’s students.

“Anything that impacts our education, the way that’s funding and resources that may or may not be available to our public schools is important and worth at least checking out,” Brown said. “And seeing what changes may be made to that and seeing how that can impact communities and impact schools and districts like Jackson County and other districts in the Upper Cumberland.”

Brown said that she hopes that the town hall can result in increasing the overall funding to public schools. She said that she wants to make sure that the public dollars raised by the public through taxes and the like are optimized to help public schools. She said that she hopes to bring not only community leaders but the community together to talk about needs.

“Teachers, parents, and maybe even students I mean the department of education and the state in general is looking to change the way that students are funded in Tennessee in a significant way,” Brown said.