Friday, August 12, 2022
Happening Now

Jackson Schools Ready To Go After Weather Affecting Semester Start

After an unsettled start to the second half of the school year, Jackson County Schools are ready to get rolling with a full week of classes.

Director Kristy Brown said that her teachers are always mindful about curriculum in these instances. She said that they do what they can to make sure students don’t fall behind in regular schoolwork and testing prep.

“Looking at those pacing guides and looking at what we’ve covered so far and what is still left,” Brown said. “The teachers using their professional opinions on how to prioritize those standards and those skills that kids need to know and fitting those in with whatever time we have with our students.”

Brown said that these days impact students and their families in different ways. She said for families with younger students, it can be an extra burden because they’re too young to stay by themselves. Alternatively, Brown said that many older students still have to find ways to get course work done for dual-enrollment college programs.

“I think that it’s important for kids to be in school for all of the days possible that they can,” Brown said. “Students sometimes in high school have dual enrollment courses where they take college courses and they’re still responsible for assignments that are due for that so they’re still working during that break.”