Thursday, February 27, 2020
Happening Now

Jackson County Student Arrested For Bringing Weapon To School

Authorities arrested a juvenile Tuesday for allegedly bringing a weapon to Jackson County Middle School.

Sheriff Marty Hinson said the student faces at least two charges.

“Possession of a firearm on school property, of course,” Hinson said. “Also, at this point in time, he’s charged with a domestic terrorist act as well. There could be additional charges, but it’s still under investigation. At this point, we don’t know if there will be additional charges or not.”

A school resource officer (SRO) responded to the school after receiving reports about a student with a weapon. Hinson said the SRO confiscated the weapon and placed the juvenile under arrest.

“When it was reported, the school officer did a great job on reacting and responding immediately to disarm that student,” Hinson said.

Hinson said he doesn’t believe the incident posed any danger to students, faculty, or staff. He also said the student did not make any previous threats towards the school.

Director of Schools Kristy Brown placed the school on lock down while authorities investigated the incident. The Tennessee Highway Patrol and Putnam County Sheriff’s Office provided K-9 units to assist with the investigation.

Hinson said the incident should be a reminder for students and parents.

“If your child comes to you and tells you anything that they’ve heard another student maybe mention, please report it to the SRO or sheriff’s department,” Hinson said. “Let us know and make us aware of it so we can at least look into it.”

Hinson said the investigation remains ongoing at this time. He did not reveal the type of weapon confiscated by the officer.