Friday, October 7, 2022
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Jackson County Abandons Amphitheater Project

Jackson County has decided to abandon the amphitheater project.

Debbie Kinnard is a member of the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.

“When we began the excavation process, digging down, they ran into a footer from the adjoining building,” Kinnard said. “And to continue on it was going to render that building’s walls unstable. And because of the grade elevation in that location, it just wasn’t going to work out that we could get the project in there.”

Kinnard said the project could begin again in the future if suitable land becomes available.

“The city is looking at some alternate locations right now,” Kinnard said. “And are working with the state to see what we could do as far as alternate locations.”

Jackson County received a$48,000 economic development grant for the amphitheater project.  The county needed to complete Phase 1 of the project in order to keep the full grant.

Kinnard said the city and the state met about the property.

“Everyone decided that the best route to take was to stop where we are at and look for another location with the hopes of building in the future,” Kinnard said. “We will not be able to use all of the grant money on this original grant but they felt like it would be better still to stop than try to proceed with the project.”

Although the property was unsuitable for the amphitheater, the land can be used for another purpose, Kinnard said.

“Well, we are farther ahead with the land than we have ever been before in that it is cleared,” Kinnard said. “And it will go back on the table and the city will look at alternate possibilities for the use of that land. ”

Kinnard said having to abandon the amphitheater project is disappointing. If the city can find new land, the project can restart, Kinnard said.