Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Jackson Commission Will Review County Road List For March Approval

The Jackson County Commission will review a comprehensive road list over the next month to later vote on an updated county inventory.

The commission tabled a full road list Monday night that would add and remove some roads. Mayor Randy Heady said he encouraged commissioners to review the item before voting.

“I thought it would be a good idea to look at the roads in your districts that has been changed and go out there and look at them,” Heady said. “That actually helps Daniel out that the commissioners have some buy-in in it.”

Road Superintendent Daniel Garrison formed the inventory. He said his department measured each road and averaged the lengths at different areas to form the data. Garrison said he has worked on the list since November of last year.

Commissioner Joey Denson said it was the most comprehensive list that he has seen submitted to the county. Denson said he would like the streets to be reviewed by the county’s road committee as well.

Heady said the commission will consider the item for approval at its March 6th meeting.

“At that time, this will be on the agenda, but you would have time to look at it,” Heady said. “If you got questions, then you have time to ask Daniel. That’s what we want here when you get something this well done.”