Thursday, March 23, 2023
Happening Now

Jackson Commission Appropriates Dollars To Renovate New Service Building

The Jackson County Commission approved some $200,000 in federal funding to prepare its new county services building.

The county purchased some 10 acres next to the Gainesboro Dollar General that included an existing building. Mayor Randy Heady said the money would be used on a new roof and some demolition work.

“We’ll do that build out and then see where we lie with funds when we get done with that,” Heady said. “Maybe we have some money left over. If we don’t, then we will at least know how much it is going to take to finish the project on the clerk’s side and then the rental side.”

The new building will house the Election Administrator and County Clerk’s offices as well as a space for rent. Heady said the election office needs to be moved to the new building the soonest.

“I met with the building committee a week ago, and we talked about doing this and met with the budget committee Thursday night,” Heady said. “They approved this budget amendment to appropriate some ARPA funds to start this remodel process.”

Heady said the funding is just a starting point to get the work moving. Total remodel efforts will cost roughly $500,000, according to Heady. The county purchased the property in 2021.