Monday, November 23, 2020
Happening Now

Jackson Co Schools Set Surplus Sale

Jackson County Schools will be auctioning off surplus supplies Saturday at central office.

Director of Schools Kristy Brown said this year’s big ticket items are two school buses with office furniture and computers also open for bid.

“This needs to happen, we need to clean our space out,” Brown said. “We have some goof things that will definitely be of use to someone, but we have been able to replace a little more. Just things that naturally cycle out of inventory.”

Brown said the funds from the auction will go into the schools general fund for any future needs or projects. The school system has not held a surplus sale since 2018.

“We do a surplus sale sometimes each year,” Brown said. “But when we have significant amount of things to auction off, according to our school board policy.”

Any items sold from the school’s nutrition program will not go into the general fund and remain with the program. The auction begins at 9:00 a.m. permitting weather.

The Board of Education agreed to advertise the event on the school’s Facebook page and newspaper.