Saturday, December 2, 2023
Happening Now

Jackson Co. Schools Encouraging Expanded Tutoring In Face Of Potential Retention Changes

Jackson County Schools Director Kristy Brown encouraged principals to continue expanded tutoring to improve reading skills and offset upcoming retention changes.

A new Senate Bill proposes to retain students in the third grade unless they score in the fiftieth percentile or better in state-mandated reading benchmark testing. Brown said Jackson County had already increased reading fluency by seven percent through expanded tutoring programs.

“And I want to acknowledge the incredible work out teachers are doing and will do,” Brown said. “This tutoring that we’re doing, Saturday school that we’re doing. I mean it’s getting done. And our kids are working hard too.”

Brown acknowledged instructor Tammy Woolbright to speak about the newest guideline updates. Woolbright said students in a borderline retention category who scored in the benchmark region between 40 percent to 49 percent may advance to fourth grade if their parents provide the required approvals.

“We have to notify their parents in writing that they should do it and that it would benefit them,” Brown said.

Brown said the Jackson County Board would have a nice chart out to teachers covering the board’s current understanding of the latest retention guidelines.