Sunday, June 26, 2022
Happening Now

Jackson Chamber Hosting Small Business Seminar Thursday

Jackson County Chamber of Commerce will partner with the Small Business Development Center to help small businesses learn more about funding opportunities.

Tyler Asher is the Small Business Development Center Director. He said that the seminar Thursday morning at 11 will help small businesses more efficiently apply for loans, and explore other lending avenues.

“There are local banks that we work very closely with that are very good at business lending,” Asher said. “But there are also other sources, what I consider non-traditional lenders. Such as your CDFIs which are your Community Development Finance Institutions which are basically like a non-profit bank that specializes in business lending.”

Asher said that as a business owner, the more tools you have in your arsenal, the better chance you have at success. He said that businesses fail for two reasons: not having a big enough network, and not having enough access to cash.

“And so by helping them overcome that hurdle of trying to find funding and getting that business to the right spot,” Asher said. “It’s crucial to help that business move forward.”

Asher said that you can register for the seminar by calling the Jackson County Chamber at (931) 268-0971. The seminar will be held at 201 West Hull Avenue.