Monday, September 25, 2023
Happening Now

It’s Flu Vaccine Time, Overton Health Department Outlines Importance

The time is now to get your flu shot.

Overton County Health Department Nursing Supervisor Megan Reeder said the spread of influenza will soon increase. Reeder said as the weather gets colder, more people gather causing transmissions to rise.

“We strongly recommend the flu vaccine to help prevent illness and the spread of influenza,” Reeder said. “So if someone is healthy enough to get a flu vaccine, we would like them to get the flu vaccine. Not only to protect themselves, but protect people that can’t always get the flu vaccine.”

Reeder said anyone six-months or older that has not been vaccinated in the last year can be flu vaccinated. Reeder said getting a flu shot greatly reduces your chances of catching the virus. You can still catch the flu, but the vaccine lessens the symptoms.

Reeder said the Overton County Health Department will be at the Livingston Academy football game Friday night administering flu shots. Reeder said you can also visit your local health department or pharmacies to get vaccinated.