Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Insects Beginning To Invade Homes
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Insects Beginning To Invade Homes

Have you had a problem with insects invading your homes?

If so, Cookeville’s PestPro owner Steven Wheeler said you’re not alone, and ants seem to be the most common intruder right now.

“It seems like they kind of sprung a little bit earlier than they normally do,” Wheeler said. “I don’t think we had a very harsh winter, which…the colder it gets it kind of pushes things back and they burrow down a little bit. The quicker that weather breaks, the quicker their life cycles start beginning.”

Wheeler said he’s been staying busy with calls about ants, spiders, and wasps attempting to live rent-free.

Pest control professionals can usually fix the problem, but homeowners can also do their part to help. Wheeler said it helps to keep vegetation away from the home and to make sure windows are properly sealed.

“Anything that’s within a foot of a structure can allow them to climb up and get inside,” Wheeler said. “I tell people to always have a buffer of six inches to a foot away from the house.”

Wheeler said a simple walk around the home can help identify potential access points for insects.

“Exclusion is a big part of what we do and a big part of how you keep things out of your house,” Wheeler said. “If they can’t get in your house, you don’t have the problem in your house.”

Wheeler said a home inspection or general pest control should be considered even if you’re not experiencing an insect problem.