Monday, June 27, 2022
Happening Now

Incumbent Commissioners Move On In Putnam County Primary

Just under six thousand Putnam County voters came out to vote in Tuesday’s Primary Election with County Commission races the biggest issue on the ballot.

In district two, Sam Sandlin and Ron Chaffin were the top two vote getters. Sandlin captured some 46 percent of the vote. In the primary for district four, Ken Hall captured 32 percent of the vote to move forward. Theresa Tayes finished second at 27 percent.

The district ten race saw move-in candidate Terry Randolph get the most votes at 33.6 percent. Incumbent Kim Bradford finished second at 33.1 percent. The top two vote getters move forward. Incumbent Joe Iwanyszyn finished third at 28.2 percent.

In district 11’s GOP primary, Kathy Dunn wins as the top vote getter, receiving over 30 percent of the votes. Incumbent Darren Wilson finished second at 27.9 percent. Tony Honeycutt finished third.

The Putnam County Trustees race saw incumbent Freddie Nelson move on with a 74 percent vote tally.

County Mayor Randy Porter and Sheriff Eddie Farris ran unopposed. About 12.3 percent of Putnam County residents voted in the primary. Elections officials said turnout was slow most of the day.