Thursday, May 28, 2020
Happening Now

HRS Sets Bid Date For New Housing Complex

Highlands Residential Services (HRS) has scheduled a tentative bid letting date for the Oak Tree Towers project.

Chris Cassetty is the HRS Director of Operations. He said advertising for bids will take place November 1 with bid openings occurring December 16.

“If we open bids on the 16th, there’s always a couple of weeks after you open bids just going through some procedures with making sure that the contractor is who they say they are and have the ability that they say they have,” Cassetty said. “That’s right around Christmas time, so realistically, we think a notice to proceed would probably be dated around February 1.”

Oak Tree Towers will be a 50-unit mid-rise apartment complex on Buffalo Valley Road. Cassetty said elderly residents will occupy the units once construction finishes.

“Its a new product for us. We’ve certainly never had that type of building before,” Cassetty said. “We feel really good about it and are really looking forward to getting construction started.”

HRS has received the green light from the city of Cookeville to move forward with the project. Cassetty said the state still needs to sign off on sewer line plans for the project.

“We’ve gotten that approval from the city and we should get that from the state,” Cassetty said. “That is not completely finalized, but we don’t think there will be any issues there. If for some reason the state were to come back with minor modifications for us to make, it might push the bid date back, but we don’t think so at this point. We feel pretty good about these dates.”

HRS originally planned to begin constructing Oak Tree Towers this fall.