Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Happening Now

How To Process COVID-19 Anxieties

How can people anxious about the COVID-19 pandemic process uncertainties?

Personal Growth Counseling Director Carole Lovell said perspective and encouragement are key.

“We are focusing on encouraging people that we are going to get through this,” Lovell said. “This is temporary, we are all strong, we have survived all kinds of things in this country, and we are going to survive this as well.”

Lovell instructs her patients to connect to their faith and family. She added people who constantly search for updates through social media and the news will make it worse.

“I think people need to turn into their favorite channel once or twice a day, and then focus on something else. There’s a lot to be thankful for in the world and just to focus on what is a negative experience is not healthy,” Lovell said.

Ways to constructively process these anxieties are focus on what you have, what you control, and call on the strength that has gotten you through trials already. Lovell said other ways are breathing techniques, essential oils, and communication with loved ones.

“If people tend to have panic attacks, I tryto get them to focus on some numbers like ‘do your multiplication tables,’ ‘do your threes, do your sevens.’ Getting into the intellect part of the brain rather than the emotional mind tends to help us to calm down as well,” Lovell said.

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