Monday, May 25, 2020
Happening Now

Fight COVID Stress With Exercise

Stress is a common emotion among adults, and especially now due to COVID-19 concerns.

Wonderfully Made Personal Trainer Lindsey Mayberry said exercise helps adults deal with stress.

“There’s so much inactivity and uncertainty in the world anyway so we’re getting a little bit nervous about what is happening, but a lot of that is because we’re not releasing important chemicals,” Mayberry said. “We want try to release serotonin, that chemical helps to regulate your mood, and exercise releases endorphins, which are known as your happy hormones.”

A decreased amount of serotonin causes anxiety, depression, and increased sugar cravings. Mayberry said more serotonin gives the brain a more positive outlook.

Mayberry said although there are pandemic concerns and the weather has been fluctuating, it’s still important to go outside.

“It’s important for you to get some sunlight, so why don’t you take your workout outside? You can go for a walk, you don’t have to have a lot of knowledge. Even if you’re a beginner start with what you know. If you know some basic exercises such as squatting or push ups or jumping jacks you can just start there. You’re going to feel so much better,” Mayberry said.

For those who can’t go to the gym due to Governor Lee’s executive order, Mayberry said just go back to basics.

“You don’t necessarily need any equipment. I hear this from some of my clients: ‘I don’t have any equipment at home so I don’t know how to work out with just my body, so what do I do?’ Focus on body weight exercises, those type of things are squats, push ups, lunges, and planks,” Mayberry said.

Mayberry has been a personal trainer for over 10 years, and has owned her studio for over 7 years.