Friday, August 23, 2019
Happening Now

Highway 85 Still Closed From February Storm Damage

The Tennessee Department of Transportation reports Highway 85 in Overton County still remains closed due to storm damage suffered last month.

Spokesperson Jennifer Flynn said officials will begin the process of making necessary repairs Friday.

“The only one that we’ve really got totally closed in our region right now is in Overton County,” Flynn said. “What we’ve done with that one, we have an emergency contract. They’re supposed to open bids on it for the repair of those locations on State Route 85.”

Flynn said approximately 12 areas along Highway 85 suffered notable damage between Overton and Fentress counties. The roadway remains closed in the Cub Mountain area due to sliding.

“We’re just really wishing for spring here and we don’t want April showers. We want some dry weather,” Flynn said. “We’re hoping to get some dry weather, get out there, and really start making some repairs.”

Gladdice Highway in Jackson County remains partially closed with one lane open due to sliding as well. Flynn notes that a signal is currently being used to direct traffic traveling through that area until further repairs can be made.