Friday, April 19, 2019
Happening Now

High School Football Earns Little Revenue Despite Playoff Success

Upperman High School sees very little of the revenue generated by postseason play.

Athletic Director Greg Wilson says hosting a playoff game comes with a list of expenses in return.

“We have to pay the officials with the money that we receive through tickets,” Wilson says. “We have to prepare the fields, get concessions, and everything that comes along with being ready for a large crowd. It’s a lot of work, but we have a lot of great people here in the Baxter community that come out and help.”

Wilson says schools accumulate several expenses when hosting a game, especially when it involves a high-stakes situation like the playoffs.

“I wish [the revenue] was more but it is an impact to keep playing in the playoffs,” Wilson says. “The expenses are there as well, being the host school and you also have to share revenue with the visiting school because they have expenses as well. But it’s just great to still be playing football and being in the postseason.”

Wilson says the help of the community and various volunteer groups help ease expenses occurred on game day.

“If it wasn’t for the volunteers, we probably wouldn’t make any money off the games because of all the expenses,” Wilson says. “The Baxter community and the Upperman family get behind our coaches and our administrators and they come out to volunteer their time. Without that, it would be more of a challenge. But it’s great to be hosting.”

Upperman is set to host York Institute Friday evening for the second round of playoff action. Upperman defeated York earlier this season by a score of 35-14 at home.