Saturday, June 12, 2021
Happening Now

Head Start Graduates Parade Through Monterey To Celebrate

Graduates of Monterey’s Head Start Program lined up in decorated vehicles Friday to parade through the town.

Law enforcement lead the soon to be kindergartners from Commercial Avenue to Crawford Avenue. Four-year-old Emiliano Pena said a parade to end school was his favorite part of the year.

“Because of all the cars have balloons,” Pena said.

The celebration had a special ending making one final circle around the Standing Stone Care & Rehabilitation Center, where Residents cheered and waved for the kids.

“My favorite is ballet. I dance ballet,” four-year-old Aailyah Silcox said about the completed school year.

“Playing with my toys,” is what three-year-old Jaxson Gallagher said is his favorite thing to do at school.