Friday, August 12, 2022
Happening Now

Granville Volunteer FD Seeking More Community Involvement Through Reorganization

The Granville Volunteer Fire Department is in the process of reorganizing.

Chief Scott Nicholas said that they wanted to have more community involvement and input with the organization. He said that’s why they’re moving to a community-based board of directors.

“They’re a diverse base,” Nicholas said. “We have some business owners, we have community members, and we try to represent everybody in the community. We have some of the town elder people in it as well, so everybody is going to have a voice.”

Nicholas said that community members within a 10-mile radius of the firehouse will also have the opportunity to become members. He said that membership will give people the opportunity to have a voice when it comes to voting in elections or discussing the department’s business.

Nicholas said that the community-based board will also free up some time for the firefighters themselves.

“Basically the firefighters were the board and there’s a lot of work that goes in with running the board and with fundraisers,” Nicholas said. “And we just didn’t have enough time to put together fundraisers and all the paperwork that goes together with it. And the town business people wanted to get involved and to take it to the next level, so that’s what we’re doing.”

Nicholas said that it’s important to note that not paying for a membership with the department does not prevent fire department services. He said that people can donate or not donate, but service is always free by volunteer emplyoees.