Thursday, February 25, 2021
Happening Now

Go Pro With Tree Removal Services To Prevent Further Accidents

Local tree removal services are recommending homeowners seek professional help for fallen trees on your property.

Tree Service Owner Jeff Manier said self removal presents a number of dangers, especially with the amount of ice we received last week.

“Cutting trees and stuff, some times they have their own mind,” Manier said. “Some times they go areas you don’t want them to go. You can hit other power lines. It is very dangerous out right now.”

Manier said electrocution is a big concern for self removers, so avoid fallen trees on power lines until help arrives. Manier said electrical currents can carry through the ground, so avoid walking or driving near downed lines.

If a tree is on a structure, Manier said let a professional remove it. Manier said many time home owners do more harm than good if a tree is moved incorrectly.

“Make sure if you have any damages to houses or anything like that make sure to call your insurance company and notify them right away,” Manier said. “Same with any power lines.”