Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Girl Scouts Of Middle TN Reporting No Issues With Cookie Distribution Supplies

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee reporting their cookie supplies are ready for distribution.

Local troops across the nation had reported some concern with supply chain issues creating delays in getting cookies. Middle Tennessee President and CEO Agenia Clark said this was made possible through the coordinated efforts of the volunteers, the scouts, and the Products Program Team.

“I think what it says about the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee is that this council puts in a lot of effort into working very closely with the volunteers and setting the expectations,” Clark said. “So that when it comes to our part of the job, we can meet those expectations.”

Product Programs Manager Tracy Tudder said there is meticulous planning that goes into the cookie season process. She said they are able to successfully plan ahead by having a good relationship with the bakery that makes the cookies and the company that delivers them. Tudder said they work to have their cookies in the warehouse by December so they are ready to go for deliveries in February.

Clark said they estimate a sale of about 1.7 million cookie packages this year in the Middle Tennessee market. She said this is the closest they have to their pre-pandemic average of about 2 million packages.

“The relationship with our volunteers, these are the women and men who are troop leaders and work directly with the girls and help them exercise their desires and wishes for participation in this cookie program,” Clark said. “And I will tell you we would be remiss if we did not stress that it’s those parents and those families that work closely with these girls to help us meet the goals that these girl scout troops and their leaders set.”