Friday, May 29, 2020
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Garden Inn Dismisses Lawsuit Over Bee Rock, Monterey Files Suit

The owners of the Garden Inn Bed and Breakfast on Monday dismissed another Bee Rock lawsuit against Monterey and Bob Walker.

Monterey Attorney Danny Rader said Walker and the city have now filed suit against the Garden Inn.

“Rather than waiting for the bed and breakfast owners to sue the town of Monterey for a third time, the town of Monterey has gone ahead and initiated a lawsuit for declaratory judgement,” Rader said, “to ask the court to rule on these issues so the bed and breakfast owners won’t have the opportunity to once again dismiss the case right before it’s set for trial.”

The Garden Inn filed suit against Monterey earlier this year after Bob Walker donated the Bee Rock property to the town. Rader said the lawsuit involves a disagreement over the use and location of a 50-foot easement.

“The bed and breakfast is on property that the Walker family owned before, and they had sold the property to an individual named Mr. Hinton, who constructed the bed and breakfast, back in the 90’s,” Rader said. “When they did that, the Walkers reserved easements across the property to access the remaining property that they owned behind it, which included Bee Rock.”

Rader said the court has scheduled hearings on Friday for the new lawsuit.

“The town of Monterey is not trying to do anything to the bed and breakfast owners or anyone else,” Rader said. “The town of Monterey is trying to preserve Bee Rock as a park for generations to come, just as its been open to the public for years and years.”

Monterey has scheduled an official dedication ceremony to take place at Bee Rock on June 22nd.