Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Gainesboro Hires Scuba Group To Clear Water Intake

Gainesboro has a scuba diving team coming to its water plant to clear the intake system.

Mayor Lloyd Williams said the divers will need to go about 25 feet underwater to reach the clog.

“There’s an auto-burst system where you can push a button and blow it off, but after looking at the prices of it, we decided we couldn’t go that route,” Williams said. “So, we are going to hire some divers to go down and clean it.”

The Board of Aldermen approved a $4,000 contract with the scuba group. Williams said the town is currently on a waiting list for their arrival.

“Jerry (Rhoton, Water Plant Manager) is having to go down there and manually clean it off right now,” Williams said.

Williams said the town conducted the same work about seven years ago. Over that time, debris collects in the intake that can limit water flow. Williams said moving forward, the cleaning will need to occur about every five years.