Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Happening Now

Gainesboro FD Continue Work On Maple Street House Fire

Gainesboro fire fighters are still working on the scene of a house fire on Maple Street.

Gainesboro Assistant Fire Chief Isaac Davis said the fire believed to be started by a wood stove has recently rekindled after flames were extinguished this morning.

“Crews arrived on scene a little after about 4:30 this morning found a single story wood-frame structure with smoke and flames coming out the ease of the residence,” Davis said. “They have actually just gone back out there for a couple of rekindles. They are out there right now working on extinguishing them.”

Davis said the home owners and pets were able to escape the fire with no injuries. The home has been declared as a total loss. Davis said several other emergency responders helped with the scene.

“It was excellent. Everybody worked well together to come up with different ideas on how to extinguish and what we needed to do,” Davis said. “I can speak for myself on behalf of the Gainesboro Fire Department. I greatly appreciate all the neighboring departments that were able to come out and help us.”