Sunday, February 28, 2021
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Friends of Trails Seeking Public Input on Crossville Trail Network

Cumberland County’s Friends of Trails is looking for public input while creating a Crossville trail network master plan.

The non-profit trail building organization is conducting surveys to gauge community support. President John Conrad said so far, over 450 people have responded in just a couple weeks.

“We felt like we would really like to build trails close to where people are living and came up with this concept of a Crossville Greenway” Conrad said. “Which is building trails quite close to town and preferably along rivers and creeks or linear features.”

Conrad said the proposed plan could connect 20 miles of trail that circle the city and link its three parks.

“Currently, we have about six miles I think it is,” Conrad said. “But eventually, we are hoping to have 12, 15 even 20 miles of various loops and interconnections. We feel like the longer the connections are the more likely the people are to use them.”

Conrad said survey data will be compiled sometime in February. Conrad said once completed, the master plan will be presented to the city council for local backing.

“We’ve briefed the city council of our plans, and they have been very supportive,” Conrad said. “But, it has not been an official program.”

Conrad said work for this project could take some time as some land falls on private property. The organization is currently completing the trail along the Little Obed River.

The organization saw over 2,000 hikers on their trails for the 2020 Cumberland County Hiking Marathon. The survey can be found at