Sunday, May 24, 2020
Happening Now

Former Officer Allowed Contact With Assault Victim

A former Cookeville Police officer will be allowed to contact a victim he allegedly assaulted last December.

Judge Gary McKenzie modified bond for Kyle Farley on Thursday, allowing peaceful contact between the former officer and his wife.

A White County grand jury has indicted a former Cookeville Police officer on domestic and aggravated assault charges (Photo: WCSO)

Former Cookeville Police Officer Kyle Farley appeared in court Thursday for charges of domestic assault and aggravated assault against his wife last year. (Photo: WCSO)

The 29-year-old Farley faces aggravated assault and domestic assault charges for allegedly striking his wife during an argument at their home. Farley also used his CPD-issued taser on the woman, according to an arrest warrant.

Prosecutors and Farley’s legal team have apparently come to terms on a plea deal. McKenzie said Thursday he was shown a deal that would result in Farley serving probation.

McKenzie said he would take the deal under advisement until an August court date.