Friday, June 22, 2018
Happening Now

Fishing University Filming In Cookeville Next Month

Cookeville and Putnam County will be featured on Fishing University next year.

Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce Vice President for Visitor Development Zach Ledbetter said the group jumped at the chance to host the show.

“They reached out and said ‘hey we know your area lakes have great fishing, we’ve heard it, they’re well known all across the country, we’d love to work with you all and promote these lakes and not just the lakes but what else is there to do in Putnam County,” Ledbetter said.

Hosts Charlie Ingram and Ray Brazier will arrive to explore the area and fish the lakes in late October. The shows will air on World Fishing Network, Sportsman, and Outdoor Channels.

“They’ll be here, we will film, we’ve signed on for 2 episodes filming with them, which will air in 2018, just a really neat opportunity to have this nationally televised and Emmy nominated television show here in Putnam County,” Ledbetter said.

Ingram and Brazier will also give presentations at two local schools, encouraging students to seek employment in outdoor vocations.