Friday, May 25, 2018
Happening Now

First Graduate Of Tech School of Nursing Was Back On Campus Tuesday

The first graduate of Tennessee Tech’s School of Nursing returned to campus Tuesday and visited the Whitson-Hester School of Nursing before attending an annual membership dinner for the Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce.

Doctor Kathleen Clem said her TTU nursing degree led to her current position as Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer for Adventists Health System, the largest U.S. faith-based Protestant Health system.

Clem said Adventists was looking for someone with a Doctor of Medicine degree and Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

“As we go forward in health care, those qualities are going to need to be focused and more together than they ever have before. That is the future of health care,” Clem said. “What’s going on at this school is what’s going to save the health of our country. Don’t ever forget how important the work is that is being done right here.”

Clem, who previously served as vice president and chief medical officer for Florida Hospital East Orlando, serves on the AHS Cabinet and sets the vision for safe and exceptional clinical care across the organization’s continuum of health care services.  Clem’s career includes serving as the first female department chair at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine.

Following her tour of the Whitson-Hester Nursing School Doctor, Clem served as the keynote speaker at the Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce’s annual membership meeting.