Saturday, June 12, 2021
Happening Now

First Generation Graduates Crossing The Stage Through Warrior Academy

24 students will receive their high school diploma Friday because of their work in White County High School’s Warrior Academy.

Warrior Academy Instructors Angie Salyors and Jerry Lowery said many of these students are first generation graduates. Lowery said some of these students are told they will never graduate high school but they put in the work to achieve an even greater goal.

“When she finished that last credit… She’ll be walking tomorrow night, she was so excited,” Lowery said. “Went to the prom, she’s a new woman. She’s already going and getting her paperwork and everything done to go on to the next level to college. That’s a success story.”

Salyors said these students needed more than academic help, they needed love and support. Salyors said the work from all the students has resulted in 236 credits completed for the academy this school year.

82 students has been able to graduate from White County High School through Warrior Academy since 2018.

“To see the look on those students faces when they complete that credit, when they take that last exam it’s worth everything,” Saylors said. “Because these students do not always get the praise or recognition that they all deserve.”

Salyors said that often these students need help with food or housing. She said seeing these students work to create a better future for themselves makes all the work worth it.

“I am so extremely proud of each and everyone of them because the obstacles that they have had to overcome this school year,” Saylors said. “Within in school and with themselves in the learning program. Being pulled out, away from their friends, being secluded in a classroom.”

Warrior Academy was established during the 2017-2018 school year to get students on track for graduation. Saylors said that often these students deal with emotional issues and are in need of self-motivation to achieve their goals.