Thursday, September 24, 2020
Happening Now

Finished Monterey Suite Is Open For New Business

Crews have finished renovating a vacant suite in Monterey’s Cate Gill building.

Mayor Bill Wiggins said the city will be looking to lease the space out as soon as possible.

“If you hear of any prospects, please, we need to get that space rented. It’s been empty for too long.”

The city began renovating in late October this year. Wiggins said the space includes a waiting area, receptionist nook, an office, and 3 exam rooms.

“There’s an area that has a kitchen sink and cabinets in it, there’s a hallway, and a private restroom. It has an outside entrance, with a deck on the back. Don’t step on it it’s about to fall in, but if we get a tenant we’ll replace that too.”

Wiggins adds the indoor and outdoor carpets haven’t been replaced but the space is still presentable.

Monterey owns the Cate Gill Building and currently leases two suites to a physician and dentist. The Monterey Food Bank also operates out of the building.