Friday, September 25, 2020
Happening Now

Final Plat Approved For New Neighborhood In Eastern Putnam Co.

Putnam County Regional Planning Commissioners have approved the final plat for a new neighborhood in eastern Putnam County.

County Planning Department engineer Patrick Rinks said the 76-acre tract consists of 11 lots on San Hall Road.

Planning Commissioners have approved the final plat for a 76-acre tract on San Hall Road in eastern Putnam County. Fred Stout is planning to build at least 10 homes on the property, which is located near Bee Rock.

“It meets, the best we could tell, all of the county specs,” Rinks said. “We’ll probably bring it to the county commission next month to accept the road.”

Planning Director Kevin Rush said commissioners required the developer to widen San Hall Road when they approved the preliminary plat nearly seven months ago.

“They have widened it,” Rush said. “It’s all paved and everything’s ready for final approval. The County paved the existing county part after he widened it. He paved the rest of it into the subdivision.”

Five of the 11 lots will be less than five acres in size.