Friday, August 12, 2022
Happening Now

Fentress Road Damage Strands Families, Overton Repairing Berryfield Ln

Fentress County has experienced significant flood damage on Clear Creek Lane.

Road Supervisor Joey Reagan said the road got washed out splitting the road in two, and stranding about 15 families. Reagan said crews are working on the road now but expects the road to be closed for multiple days.

He said they are working to get new culvert pipe installed.

Oveton County saw multiple gravel roads wash out in the southern portion of the county. Highway Department Administrative Director Darwin Clark said Berryfield Lane is partially closed due to a road tile washout.

He said that road crews are working on repairs and expect to have the road open by 5:00 PM on Thursday. Clark said residents should travel with caution in the county in case there is unreported debris on the roadways.

Putnam County Road Supervisor Randy Jones said that all county roads are open. He said the majority of damage was to driveways east of Cookeville, towards Monterey.

He said no serious damage has been reported but drivers should still drive with caution in case of debris.