Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Happening Now

Fentress Highway Supervisor Requesting $15 Million Loan

The Fentress County Highway Road Supervisor is requesting a loan for the third time since July.

Road Supervisor Joey Reagan said the request is for $15 million. The county compromised on an $800,000 loan in August after Reagan originally requested $1.5 million.

Reagan said his idea is to get a capital outlay note and supplement payments with grant funding.

“Yeah, I’ve been in there for three years and we’ve had a little run of bad luck,” Reagan said. “With the weather and stuff, funding.”

Reagan said he wants to use the money to pay for hot-mix asphalt. He said the work would either upgrade tar and chip roads or resurface existing asphalt roads.

Reagan said the plan he wants is to pave over 70 roads, making up more than 100 miles of roadway in Fentress County.